Pine Script™ Resources

This document provides a list of Pine-related resources and tools.

Except for the people from our Trusted Pine Script™ Programmers for Hire, we do not endorse third-party tools and resources. Their inclusion here does not imply any guarantee of their worthiness; please do your own research before purchasing or using them.

PineCoders does not financially benefit from the use of these tools, and this page contains no affiliate links.

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Pine Reference Manual

Pine User Manual

TV indicators wiki : a list of TV-developed indicators with source code for most of them and good explanations. This is also where you can find explanations on the TV Volume Profile, the source of which is not available.

From the Pine Script™ Editor: choose New and select from the list of built-in scripts to bring up its Pine source.

TV blog posts on Pine: a selection of TV blog posts related to Pine.

Pine Script chat: this is the TV chat dedicated to Pine. You can also access it from the Public Chats icon in TV. A useful chatroom where budding Pine scripters share and solve one another’s problems. When posting code in the chat, you can use the [pine] and [/pine] tags.

Searching for scripts on TV: From TV’s home page, select Scripts from the Ticker dropdown and enter your search criteria.

Visit the Scripts page of good coders publishing open source by using the Following list from the PineCoders TV account.


From our home page you can access the following:

Our managed PineCoders Repository on GitHub contains:

We have also begun publishing guides. See our first: the Digital Signal Processing In Pine Script™ written by Alex Grover.

Educational Content


Kodify: The indispensable and largest, most complete and well-written set of in-depth articles on Pine outside TradingView. Articles discuss many finer points of Pine not covered elsewhere. More than 200 articles to help you master Pine, and particularly well-suited to coders for whom Pine is their first programming language.

Backtest Rookies: They produce in-depth, quality material illustrating many of the typical tasks or subjects Pine coders want to do or explore.

TradingView user Quansium has a well-written and detailed article on the steps he follows to create a strategy: How To Create A Simple Trading Strategy With TradingView.

This Git repo by pAulseperformance has lots of good Pine material.


QuantNomad: By far the publisher who has the most videos on Pine.

BigBits has good-quality Pine tutorials. He also publishes some educational scripts from his BigBitsIO TradingView account.

Zen & The Art of Trading has many good quality videos on Pine.

Squiggly Lion: Good quality tutorials.

m1xolyd1an: This guy doesn’t have that many videos on Pine but he produces quite a lot of other content.

Market Calls: Has many videos on trading concepts and a handful about TradingView and Pine.

For Russian coders: Китобойная.

Kick studios offers paid Udemy courses on Pine.

Paul D. Mendes offers paid Udemy courses on Pine.

Achal offers paid Udemy course on Pine

QuantNomad has a paid course on Pine.

Zen & The Art of Trading offers paid courses on Pine.

Achal offers Amazon books on Pine.


We answer questions on Pine Script™ programming in three public forums:

Trusted Pine Programmers for Hire

We maintain a list of trusted Pine programmers for hire in TradingView’s Help Center.

Automated Order Execution

3Commas: Can receive TV alerts and connect them to their bots to execute simple orders on crypto exchanges.

Alertatron: A service that allows you to relay TradingView alerts to Telegram, Discord, Slack, Email or webhooks, with a chart snapshot attached. The developer is well-known in the PineCoders community.

AutoView: Google Chrome extension that receives TV alerts and relays orders to crypto exchanges.

Cryptohopper: Use Cryptohopper with the TradingView webhook URL to send TV alerts to your bots, for automated order execution on one or multiple exchanges.

Instabot: An open source execution engine that relays orders received from HTTP requests to Bitfinex, Deribit and Coinbase Pro, with support for Bitmex and Binance planned.

ProfitView: Google Chrome extension that receives TV alerts and relays orders to crypto exchanges. Among PineCoders, has the reputation of being better than AutoView.

TradersPost can receive TradingView alerts via webhook and send buy/sell orders to popular brokers like TDAmeritrade, TradeStation, Robinhood, Alpaca and more. Currently supports US Equities and other asset classes coming in the future.

TradingView alerts to MT4/MT5 receives TV alerts and converts them into instant orders on MT4/MT5 in forex, indices and commodities markets. Latency is below 1 second.

WolfBot can receive TV alerts via Email or Webhook URL and trade on 25+ cryptocurrency exchanges. Supported alerts include buy/sell (limit and market orders), as well as more advanced order types such as stop-loss and trailing-stop.

Text Editor Highlighters and Utilities for Pine

RicardoSantos has developed an auto completion hack and snippets file for VS Code.

Notepad++ UDL for Pine v5 by RodrigoKazuma

Notepad++ UDL for Pine v4 by ImmortalFreedom

Notepad++ UDL

VSCode Highlighter by ex-codes

VSCode Highlighter by jeyllani

VSCode Highlighter by leifcr


GNU Emacs major-mode

Sublime Text

Color Pickers or Tools

Color Designer Gradient Generator





PerBang (doesn’t work with all browsers)

500 Most Popular PNG Image Colors

Kodify has a long list of Hex colors

Color Ramp

Unicode resources

Unicode characters have lots to offer to Pine coders who want to push the limits of their visuals. We encourage you to explore these tools:

Online Unicode Tools has a plethora of tools to work with Unicode.

Amp What allows you to search characters by keyword.

What Unicode character is this?

Unicode Arrows → ⇒ ⇄ ↻

Unicode: Arrows, all of them (⇪ ↹ ⬈ ↘ ⟾ ↶) for HTML charset UTF-8

Unicode spaces: jkorpela or

Unicode Lookup: convert special characters

Unicode character table generator - Tools - Unicode® Character Table

Unicode Characters in the Geometric Shapes Block

Unicode/List of useful symbols - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

The Beauty of Unicode: Zero-Width Characters


Blank character

Fancy Text Generator

Surrogate pair calculator (useful to convert Unicode code points for entry into AutoHotKey, for example)

Full Emoji List

Thematic symbols

Generate various representations of text with lingojam.

Search the Unicode space by categories of characters.

On GitHub

PineCoders Repository of reusable Pine code on GitHub.

Well-known TV Pine coder everget has a large collection of indicators here.

Instabot: An open source execution engine that relays orders received from HTTP requests to Bitfinex, Deribit and Coinbase Pro, with support for Bitmex and Binance planned.

.Net Stock Indicator Library: A library of more than 700 indicator calculations written in C#.

Technical Information on Indicators

Concept Index.

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